Our Mission

We see the future and we know that a better day is on the horizon. We’ve spent two decades in the genetic & diagnostic industry observing technological advancements transform the industry potential.

VISIBLE GENOMICS - your eye into the future.

It’s our time to bring the future to you.

We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo and the current pace of change in the industry and have combined our decades of experience with high ethical standards to develop genetic testing capabilities to open a window of knowledge into your eye health.

Our mission is to arm you with critical information and a look into the future, so that you can make informed decisions today that can have a lasting effect on your long-term eye health.

The Problem

Historically, people who suffer from severe ocular disease:

  • have no advance awareness of disease risk
  • are diagnosed only after severe symptoms
  • have no understanding of cause of disease
  • unable to take proactive measures to slow or prevent disease progression (i.e. loss of vision)
  • can’t afford genetic testing as most insurance will not cover testing

The Visible Genomics Solution

Comprehensive risk assessment to provide advanced awareness of disease risk which will:

  • Empower the patient and healthcare professional to make informed clinical and lifestyle decisions together
  • Help slow or prevent disease
  • Provide greater access to more patients through affordable, easy, and understandable genetic risk testing
  • Deliver personalized preventative medicine