Every person is unique.

Know your risk to empower you and your eye doctor to make informed clinical and lifestyle decisions together.

Did you know?

If you have a family history of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), you are at risk for the disease. AMD is a progressive disease of your retina that causes blindness.

AMD progresses at different rates in people. For some it progresses slowly, over a period of years. For others, vision loss can happen quickly. Everyone is different and deserves to be assessed and treated in an individual manner.

Only a comprehensive AMD risk assessment can give insight to help empower you and your eye doctor to find a personalized treatment plan.

What is the Visible Genomics AMD Risk Assessment?

Visible Genomics now provides you with state-of-the-art clinical-grade AMD risk screening.
Visible Genomics’ AMD risk assessment is a comprehensive test that helps determine whether you are at risk of either developing AMD or progressing to late-stage AMD if you already have signs or symptoms of the disease.

 We combine a patient’s genetic status, ocular findings, demographic and behavior characteristics to deliver an accurate, reliable and clinically actionable AMD risk assessment.

Knowing this information can help you and your eye doctor take a proactive personalized approach to prevent or delay AMD.

One size does not fit all. Every patient is unique

The Visible Genomics Solution represents the latest in AMD research and is clinically validated to:

  • Predict the Lifetime Risk of developing AMD for patients who have a family member with AMD, or
  • Predict the Progression Risk to advanced AMD for patients who have early to intermediate AMD

The Visible Genomics Solution can predict the risk of advancing to either type. We combine a person’s genetic status, ocular findings, demographic and lifestyle characteristics to deliver a comprehensive and clinically actionable risk assessment. Affordable test that allows patients to pay out of pocket. No upfront cost to the physician.

This non-invasive test is performed through a simple and convenient in-office cheek swab with an FDA-cleared collection device.

Who is it intended for?

Anyone who has a family history of AMD or anyone who has signs and symptoms of AMD.

Traditionally, patients who are at risk of developing AMD or progressing to advanced stages of AMD…

  • have had no advance awareness of disease risk
  • are diagnosed only after severe symptoms
  • have no understanding of the cause of the disease
  • are unable to take proactive measures to slow or prevent disease progression (i.e. loss of vision)
  • can’t afford genetic testing as most insurance will not cover testing

Now the Visible Genomics Solution is able to provide you with the insight and knowledge that will enable you to work with your eye doctor to come up with a personalized plan to prevent disease and/or delay the progression of AMD.

Visible Genomics AMD risk assessment provides clear, concise, and actionable results.

The right test is provided for the right patient
LIFETIME RISK: Results for patients with no clinical AMD findings
PROGRESSION RISK: Results for patients with early or intermediate clinical AMD findings

  • Progression Risk report assigns a relative risk score and category (low, moderate, high), and graphically illustrates the risk probability of progressing to advanced AMD over time
  • Results are provided over a patient’s lifetime, not just for the next 10 years only.
  • Lifetime risk scoring is intended to assess a patient’s absolute lifetime risk of developing advanced AMD and combines risk progression with actuarial statistics (3) to generate a relative risk score and category.
  • Example of Report Results

How it works

  1. Talk to your eye doctor about Visible’s AMD risk assessment test (click here for a doctor discussion guide)
  2. Have your doctor order a sample collection kit
  3. Collect and Submit sample to Visible Genomics

WAIT FOR RESULTS – will be sent to your doctor

If you do not have an eye doctor please contact us directly. We may be able to help. 

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